Galaxsys unveils Cosmic Game Themes 


Galaxsys continues to boldly go where no games studio company has before with the release of two Cosmic Game Themes.

Galaxsys, a games studio renowned for its high-energy games that cater to players seeking quick wins and unique experiences, is about to transport players to a Galaxy Far, Far, Away with the upcoming Starlight & Cosmo Saga games releases, each offering a distinct and captivating gameplay.

“Starlight” is a comet-themed experience that offers a unique twist to traditional crash games. Players place their bets, and as the failing star streaks across the screen, the odds of winning increase. The challenge is to cash out your winnings before the falling star disappears, offering players the thrill of quick wins and chasing the comet’s tail. Other unique features over other crash games include Starry Boost, which can pop up multiple times, and instantly increase the odds by a specific amount and Freezing Bonus, which fixes player’ winnings.

“Cosmo Saga” is a unique puzzle game and an alternative take on the popular Candy Crash game. It’s a one-of-a-kind and unique experience where players create combinations by skillfully maneuvering elements across the gaming board. It is an interactive stellar board game that challenges the player to make combinations of the same elements by changing their positions on the game board to win with the highest possible odds. Once a successful combination is made, the elements blast and random odds appear. After the elements blast into the opened cell of every disappeared element, a new randomly generated element falls from the above, which can make a new winning combination and blast again.

Vigen Safaryan, the Chief Product Officer of Galaxsys, who has spearheaded the development of Starlight and Cosmo Saga, said, “We are always looking to warp-drive our games at the speed of light, to provide fun, engaging, relevant, and cosmic play. Starlight, a Crash Game, and Cosmo Saga, a unique puzzle game, include all our key player engagement features, and unique game mechanics such as the Bonus Games, Auto Bet, and Freezing Bonus enjoyed by casino players looking for galactic game experiences.”