Danske Spil launches Spil med Omtanke website to prevent gambling problems

Responsible Gambling

“It is always the house that wins in the long term”. You don’t often hear that from a gambling company – but it is nevertheless one of the messages in Danske Spil’s new, digital prevention universe, which is launched today.

The aim is to use tested methods based on evidence to provide knowledge to players and other interested parties in order to prevent the game from taking over.

Danske Spil answers this and at the same time dispels a large number of myths about gambling in “Spil med omtanke”, which is Danske Spil’s new prevention site, which can be found at www.danskespil.dk/spil-med-omtanke.

“Play with care” is part of Danske Spil’s broad efforts for healthy gambling habits and has been created in close collaboration with the Research Clinic for Gambling at Aarhus University Hospital. “It is important to us that our efforts for healthy gambling habits are based as much as possible on evidence and research, and therefore I am happy that we can invite our customers and other interested Danes to our new prevention site.

With the “Spil med omtanke” site, we have made an effort to create a living platform where, with interactive videos, podcasts and other content, created together with the Research Clinic for Gambling, we hope to make users want to explore, get new knowledge and a better understanding of one’s own gambling behaviour,” says Kate Jacquerot, legal director at Danske Spil, responsible for e.g. the effort for healthy gambling habits, and specifies:

“For example, you can meet our odds-setter Peter, who talks about the advantage the “house” has over the players, just as Marcus Kondrup, who is now a gambling addict, talks about his personal, expensive experiences. And it is true enough that you generally cannot win over the house – this is, among other things, therefore, we can give a profit back to the community every year. Ultimately, we want as many people as possible to visit the universe, learn about good tips for healthy gaming behavior, typical risk signs and complete the self-test,” continues Kate Jacquerot.