BETBY rolls out “SUPERCHARGED” tournament ahead of Euro and Copa America

Sports Betting

BETBY, the premium sports betting partner, has launched a “supercharged” Euro and Copa America offering on its partners network ahead of this summer’s football bonanza. The new sportsbook features, designed to enhance the overall betting experience, will also provide players with an extra element of excitement.

Bookmakers on the BETBY partner network will have the option to launch a dedicated Euro and Copa America tournament page within their sportsbook, providing their players with streaming, qualification odds displayed in competition bracket, a broad selection of outrights, and ready-made combo bets. Extra betting markets will also be rolled out, with a high focus of fast markets traded live.

Players will also be able to engage with Betby.Games’ e-soccer tournament based on the Euro and Copa America format, which will simulate the complete structure of both tournaments with every matchup, during the live match gaps.

The innovative sportsbook supplier has introduced a dedicated tournament across its partner network, enabling players from all brands to compete in a single event. This tournament features a comprehensive system of rankings, achievements, and social interactions, with participants having the opportunity to vie for a substantial prize pool generously sponsored by BETBY.