Netherlands gambling regulator issues penalties to LCS and Blue High House


The Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) has collected penalty payments from two illegal providers. Both providers, L.C.S. Limited and Blue High House S.A. were previously imposed a penalty for offering illegal games of chance to Dutch players.

Because the illegal parties have not ceased (or have ceased) their activities, the associated penalty payments are now being collected.

L.C.S. Limited was already imposed a penalty in 2022 for offering illegal games of chance on the website With such a charge, the Ksa orders a provider to immediately stop the offer. In addition, a fine may also be imposed for the period in which illegal supply was available.

L.C.S. Limited was fined 2,074,000 euros for this in October 2023. A re-inspection in October 2023 also showed that L.C.S. again offered illegal games of chance via the site. This means that the previously imposed penalty payment is forfeited, even if the violation has now ceased.

That is why, in addition to the previously imposed fine, an amount of €165,000 is now being collected.
Blue High House S.A. was ordered to pay a penalty in October 2023 for offering illegal games of chance via the This offense has not stopped; the website still gives Dutch players the opportunity to gamble, although there is no Dutch license. That is why this charge, amounting to €129,000, is now also being collected. In addition, a fine may also be imposed here.

René Jansen, chairman of Ksa: “An order subject to a penalty is more than a warning to an illegal provider. Illegal providers who do not take the right measures to ban Dutch players will be dealt with harshly by the Ksa and will feel this where it affects them most, in their wallets.”