PrizePicks agrees resposible gambling partnership with Kindbridge

Responsible Gambling

PrizePicks, the largest daily fantasy sports operator in North America, and Kindbridge Behavioral Health, a pioneering mental health service provider dedicated to supporting individuals facing challenges related to problem gaming, announced today a groundbreaking collaboration that will provide access to Kindbridge’s top-tier clinical services at no initial cost to PrizePicks players and customer-facing employees.

The program will support problem gaming prevention, treatment and recovery efforts.

“We are proud to partner with Kindbridge and to be the first operator to cover program costs entirely, removing a significant barrier to access,” said Adam Wexler, PrizePicks Co-founder and CEO. “It’s essential that the fantasy sports industry invests and innovates in the area of responsible gaming. This initiative not only helps players and employees but also strengthens PrizePicks’ role in promoting social responsibility within the industry. By addressing both prevention and treatment, we are paving the way for a healthier gaming community.”

PrizePicks will incur all initial costs of Kindbridge’s comprehensive support services for its customer-facing employees and player community, setting a new benchmark in the DFS industry for responsible gaming and problem gaming support. Players on PrizePicks and customer support employees will have immediate access to an in-depth clinical assessment, clinical review and care plan development session, as well as access to educational and peer support groups.

“It is inspiring to see a DFS operator actively providing essential care resources to their audience. Many individuals struggling with gaming-related health issues face significant financial barriers, even with insurance, which hinders their ability to follow a comprehensive care plan. This collaboration is a pivotal step toward eliminating these barriers, ensuring people can access the support they need, regardless of their financial situation,” said Daniel Umfleet, Founder and CEO of Kindbridge Behavioral Health.

Phil Sherwood, Senior Director of Responsible Gaming at PrizePicks, added, “Many individuals face high out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare even with insurance, making it difficult to get the help they need. Partnering with Kindbridge allows us to help those individuals who wish to take preventative measures with a variety of world-class mental health services at no cost to them.”