DraftKings invests in startup LinQ 

Finance News

LinQ’s founders unveiled major plans to tap into the growing multi-billion dollar online Real Money Game sector at the end of 2023, following their $1.5 million pre-seed round led by a16z SPEEDRUN.

Today, they announced an additional [$2.3] million raise from Drive by DraftKings, Sharp Alpha Advisors, and MiddleGame Ventures alongside a16z SPEEDRUN. The fresh funds will enable LinQ to transition top mobile game publishers into the Real Money Gaming sector.

LinQ is a new platform that enables top mobile game developers to enter the RMG market quickly, securely and at scale. It achieves this by providing a seamless tech stack and deep industry expertise. 

LinQ partners with game companies to publish their popular titles, handling all aspects of compliance, operations, matchmaking, geolocation, and native payments. The process typically is very time- and resource-intensive as each country and jurisdiction has different compliance requirements for accepting and making payments. 

By integrating LinQ’s turnkey infrastructure, game developers receive several important benefits: 

Speed: Real money games will be published as quickly as four weeks.

Low friction: LinQ offers the only natively embedded solution, streamlining the development process.

Scale: The business model is aligned with clients’ success, ensuring mutual growth.

LinQ has already established strong relationships with top global game publishers and formed strategic partnerships with industry giants like Azur Games and Mamboo/My.Games.

“With our innovative scaling strategy and fresh, skill-based gaming approach, we empower users worldwide to leverage their skills and win real money. Thanks to LinQ, this process is not only secure but also remarkably fast and convenient for our customers,” said Ivan Lesh, CEO of Mamboo.