Sportsbet breaches Ad Standards for excess gambling whilst driving


Online gambling company Sportsbet has been forced to remove an advertisement found to encourage using a phone while driving, by Australia’s advertising complaints handling body Ad Standards.

The ad’s voice-over states: “Nobody does it easier than Tee Time Tim Callaghan. He streams Sky Racing on the Sportsbet app. All while tackling the Southern Hemisphere’s scariest slice. Yep. Whether he’s driving a buggy or trying to dig one out of a bunker, this Sultan of swing doesn’t miss a second.”

The Ad Standards’ Community Panel found the ad to be in breach of the Code of Ethics as well as the Wagering Code: that advertising or marketing comms for a wagering product or service must not portray, condone or encourage excessive participation in wagering activities.

The panel cited it was widely recognised that using mobile phones while driving any moving vehicle is unsafe. Further, the ad showcased the man engaging in the wagering activity to an excessive degree – unable or unwilling to put the phone down to play golf with his friends.

Sportsbet confirms it has discontinued the video, and removed the ad from all media channels.