Dutch government approves online gambling ad ban


The Dutch Government has announced plans to ban all advertising for online gambling services if they do not specifically target people who are legally allowed to gamble and are not at an increased risk of developing an addiction. The ban covers all radio and television commercials, as well as outdoor billboards.

“After a transitional period, sponsorship for online games of chance, for example, for TV programs or sports clubs, will also fall under the prohibition. Advertising on the internet and video-on-demand will only be allowed under strict conditions,” the Ministry of Justice and Security said in a statement on Wednesday.

Additionally, advertising over the internet will also be heavily restricted, though it will not be forbidden. Organizations that display gambling adverts must allow users to opt-out of seeing them. Gambling companies will be required to ensure that their advertising is only seen by people 24 years of age or older, and that people vulnerable to gambling addiction do not see the adverts.