The organizational change will not lead to personnel reductions, and the changes have been discussed with staff representatives.

The new Executive Team that will start its operations on 1 September has seven members in addition to President and CEO Olli Sarekoski . The members of the new Executive Team are:

Executive Vice President Velipekka Nummikoski, in charge of communications, community and beneficiary relations, sponsorship. 

Chief Operating Officer Nora Vähävirta , Responsible Business Units (casino games, Lucky games and betting), Products, Product Development, Marketing, Brand, Customer Loyalty and digital channel sales and development.

Senior Vice President, ICT and Sales, Ari Aarnihuhta, in charge of retail sales, ICT systems, customer management, corporate social responsibility, business intelligence, finance and procurements.

Senior Vice President Business Operations Timo Kiiskinen, in charge of new business operations, the game studio, equipment and release platforms, networks and ecosystems.

Senior Vice President Channels and Sales Jari Heino , in charge of Play Arcades and restaurant game tables, Casinos, Feel Vegas Arcades and race tracks, POS services, and logistics.

Senior Vice President HR Heli Lallukka , HR, Corporate Planning & Premises.

Senior Vice President Legal Affairs and Governance Pekka Ilmivalta , in charge of legal affairs, governance, compliance, production and infra services, corporate security.

Jari Heino starts as a new member of the Executive Team, switching to Veikkaus from the position of European Distribution Director at Canon on 1 October 2018, and Heli Lallukka, who joined Veikkaus in June, switching from the position of Country HR Operations Manager at IKEA .