INTRALOT appoints Fotis Konstantellos as Group COO and Edward Gerekos as Group Director of Human Resources

People News

INTRALOT announces Mr. Fotis Konstantellos as Group Chief Commercial Officer at INTRALOT and Mr. Edward Gerekos as Group Director of Human Resources, effective April 15th.

Mr. Konstantellos joined INTRALOT four years ago and has led the company’s product transformation, customer experience, and the online gaming division. As Group Chief Commercial Officer, he will be responsible for INTRALOT’s business propositions and development, marketing, as well as enhancement of lottery solutions and platforms. Prior to INTRALOT, Mr. Konstantellos served as Chief Commercial Officer of Hellas Online, a telephony provider, and started his career 25 years ago as an engineer in Australia. Since then, he has served in various positions including technical, operations, project management and commercial development at the telephony operators Vodafone and Wind.

Mr. Gerekos, as Group Director of Human Resources at INTRALOT, will be responsible for the company’s organizational evolution, the efficiency of its business models, and people’s development, while he will ensure that the company will attract and retain a talented, diverse and committed workforce. Prior to INTRALOT, he served as Human Resources Director and Manager for over 25 years in Telecom, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Retail sectors. He served as Human Resources Director at Hellas Online and Carrefour Marinopoulos Hypermarkets, and as Human Resources Manager at Continent Hellas hypermarket and Club Mediterranee Hellas.